Field Numbers

Which field are we playing on and where do we park?

Updated Friday January 21, 2011 by Wayne Oakley.

LGSA Field Numbers and Parking

Please drive slowly and watch for children when driving thru Baird Municipal Park.

Parking is located along the West and North sides of the LGSA Field Complex.  Handicap parking is located adjacent to the access drive to the LGSA Clubhouse. 

On game days, handicap persons may be dropped on the LGSA Clubhouse access drive but parking is not allowed in this area. 

Parking along the outfield fence of Field 1 is not permitted at any time.

Field 1 is located adjacent to the West parking area.

Field 2 is located adjacent to the North Parking area.

Field 3 is located on the East side of the LGSA Clubhouse.